Monday, July 5, 2010

New Addition

While I continue working on a few things in my drafts folder, I'd like to direct attention to a new resident in the ST&L blogroll: Big Peace.

Its creator, Andrew Breitbart, also known for his Big Government, Big Hollywood, and Big Journalism sites (which you should already have bookmarked and visit daily) says,

The site is pro-freedom, pro-liberty, and pro-American but will not be an outlet for false information or propaganda.

And from its editor, Peter Schweizer,

We are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July because we happen to believe that America is the last and best hope for mankind.
We are launching Big Peace on the 4th of July because we believe that freedom is an essential ingredient and condition for peace.
We are lauching Big Peace on the 4th of July because the American spirit of independence and fight, exhibited by our soldiers, is what ultimately keeps us safe.
I read elsewhere this morning that our own federal government has grown by 16% in the past year.  So, on one hand our actual independence seems fleeting.  But on the other, thanks in part to folks like Mr. Breitbart and the company he keeps, we have plenty to celebrate.

A belated Happy 234th Birthday, America!

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