Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Okay, dammit, I'll do another Cavewoman poll.  I know how you like that kind of diversion.

It'll take some putting together, so consider some items to help with strengthening your resolve whilest I work on it.  Plus, diversion is right now the last thing you need.  Eyes on the prize, kiddies...less than a week to go.

From Shenendoah/John Galt FLA, via Western Rifle Shooters, a reminder that your vote is important, maybe vital, but not necessarily the last important function that will be required of you this year regarding your country's future.  Only the most naiive chess-player looks at a devastatingly bad move (like potentially losing control of the House and Senate) and doesn't consider the possibility of a fork by their opponent.
You may sleep at a later date my friends but now, more than ever, it is time to approach this nation’s guardianship with your eyes wide open.
Even if the candidate you like wins, it won't be enough if you and I allow him to be seduced by the power and perks of his shiny new office.

Paraphrasing something Bubba said recently, we aren't sending you (congressperson, senator) up there to make friends or find common ground.  If you don't immediately start fixing fuckups, and righting wrongs, you'll be held accountable in a most ungentle fashion.

And speaking of accountability, now is not the time to take anything for granted.  Suppose you went to your polling place and voted straight ticket, but the machine reversed your selection, recording votes for the opposite party.  Yep, I could be talking about a faraway land like Chicago or New York or Los Angeles.  But I'm not.  The New Bern (NC) Sun Journal reports on this happening in Craven County...just down the road a piece.  Isolated incident?  I seriously doubt it.

Suggestion: make sure you have your camera-phone with you when you go to the polls, and record any malfeasance or irregularities.


  1. Just told the DH to not vote a straight ticket...can't be too careful. And yes, Cavewoman does catch the eye...

  2. DH stands for Designated Husband? Dirty Harry? Dustin Hoffman? Davidson Harley?

    Whichever, thanks for the linky love. Don't be a stranger.

  3. DH....dang husband...dear hubby...doughnut hole....doofus head....

    You name it...I do like Dirty Harry...I think Clint sexy senior citizen.....

    Dustin Hoffman....Little Big Man...