Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stop Supporting your Destroyers

And don't eat their Red Herrings...

I once heard someone trot out Bernie Madoff as an example of a modern-day John Galt, supposedly because Madoff functioned only to satisfy himself.  The only similarity is with self-preservation being the ultimate motivation, which is not evil in and of itself.  The important distinction is that Madoff profited from cheating others out of what they'd earned, and the comparison is an affront (or should be) to anyone who understands the difference between earning and stealing.

The difference is paralleled by the not-too-subtle difference between Capitalism and Cronyism.  Madoff's schemes bear more similarity with Obamacare, union bailouts, and influence peddling than anything the novel's John Galt (or today's John Galts) ever did.  Capitalism is the exchange of value for value, and is only perverted by the inclusion of outside influence or presumed obligation.

And those on the left, those who would enslave you to their service under concepts like "common good", submit their own poster-children like Madoff as red herrings to divert your attention from their own schemes.  Don't get fooled.

To paraphrase, I love my life as it is God's gift to me, not as if God lent it to me to hold in trust for your benefit.

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