Thursday, October 28, 2010


From the who-to-avoid-this-election-year files...

One of your choices here in the Old North State for Court of Appeals judge responded to the Free Enterprise Foundation's following question:
Of the judges currently serving on the United States Supreme Court, whose judicial philosophy most closely reflects your own?
His answer was:
The same Sotomayor whose Supreme Court judicial body of work to this point is still best described as "scant".  The same Sotomayor who ruled against fire-fighters who passed a standardized aptitude test for advancement but were denied advancement based on their skin-color.  The same Sotomayor who contends her heritage and gender counts more to qualify her than does her comprehension of the US Constitution.

This candidate also says he thinks NC taxes on businesses are "about right", and among his business experiences writes "Yogurt Shop."

Run screaming.

But he's not any worse in my book than Tim Spear, down in the 2nd District (around Dare County). reports on the ad from Spear that features a photo of soldiers, and with the caption: "In combat, you always want another soldier covering your back."

The soldiers in the ad's photo are German.

The ad also states that "In North Carolina, one legislator is covering our soldiers' backs."

TimSpearGermanSoldiers-2 2 -

The ad could have said, "...covering our American soldiers' backs", but does not.  In fact, nowhere in the ad will you find the word "America" or "American."

When I say "our soldiers," I'm referring to American soldiers.  I'm convinced Spear's "our" means a far different group of guys.

Spear is running for re-relection to the state House, and his opponent is Bob Steinberg.  Take out the trash.

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