Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not Playin' For The Tie

My favorite quote from this year is still Ann Coulter's:

There are a lot of bad Republicans.  There are no good Democrats.

And this perfectly illustrates the value of the Tea Party.  For Republicans, and particularly those conservative and Constitutionalist republicans, the Tea Party movement has proven to become a very effective vetting process for weeding out those RINOs, Republican In Name Only, and supplanting career politicians (otherwise valuable only for the big "R" after their name) with genuine leadership candidates.  For Dems, I don't think there's a single candidate who's found a way to embrace the concepts of original intent, limited government, and American exceptionalism.  So, the universal approach for the donkeys has been to demonize the Tea Party.  You can't blame them, though.  They know their policies are the impetus for the Tea Party brand of community organizing.

Newt may be a valid example of a bad Republican to many, because he can't be counted on to choose that which is right over that which is politically expedient.  Nancy is perfectly representative of the all Democrats: government is the answer and private citizens organizing to take umbrage must be ostricized and belittled.

Don't get swept up in any wave to legitimize any potential Newt candidacy just because of this video (h/t Gateway Pundit), but he's right about the very basic difference in the two parties.

Early voting is now open in many places.  If you're like many folks I know, and just can't vote for a Republican simply because an ancestor might "roll over in his grave," please do the rest of us the courtesy of recusing yourself from the process.  I know how it is; I was once the same.

Thing is, though, there will be, in this election, very real consequences to your actions.  Your efforts in 2008 have placed our country in the most perilous situation we've ever seen.  A vote for a Democrat is a vote against America.  Plain and simple.

You can vote for a Republican or against a Democrat.  Better yet, vote for the REPUBLICAN Republican, as vetted by Tea Party endorsement or vote against a Democrat.  Or vote against an incumbent.

Personally, I'll take the paycheck and the right to earn it and keep it.  Time to take out the trash, folks.

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