Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Worth Noting

I imagine that not everybody has a photographic recall of all those candidates' positions on all the various issues in preparation for the trip to the ballot box.  Lord knows, I don't.  Heck, I could donate 15 IQ points to the O!Bummer and still qualify for Mensa, but can't remember whether (and why) I liked Judge So-And-So.

Here's an idea you can use.

Go to your Board of Elections website for your county, and print off a sample ballot.  Then, go to this website, compare the apples and oranges, and keep score on your sample ballot.  Much easier than counting yard-signs or bumper-stickers on your way to work, and infinitely more responsible, no?

This process helped me sort through the choices for candidates for Court of Appeals, the following earning my endorsement and vote:

Ann Marie Calabria

Steven Walker

Dean Poirier

And a Supreme Court Associate Justice, Bob Hunter.

Some folks I'd vote for if I lived in their district:

Renee Elmers (her opponent is Boob Etheridge, the guy who choked a student reporter for daring to ask him a question).

Harold Johnson.  Fukkin-A, I'd vote for the Big Guy.

Bill Randall.  He spoke at the RTC rally, and Bubba likes him...nuff said.

Greg Dority, maybe...running against Mel Watt.  Watt apparently advocates violence against peaceful Tea Party attendees, since he hasn't denounced that violence perpetrated outside his offices (and presumably to his benefit).  Or, by gosh, maybe Lon Cecil simply for his survey response to the question: Do you believe the US Congress should enact "Cap and Trade" legislation that would enable government agencies to cap the amount of emissions a company may produce or require that company to purchase credits if it exceeds the government-set emissions limitation?


Still more endorsements to come...



  1. Another good guy that needs our vote is Daniel E. Garner he is running for Court of Appeals Judge.

  2. Copy, that. I blackened the oval next to his name in the 1st-choice column on my sample ballot.