Thursday, March 19, 2009

Carolina girls...the best.

Oh. Yeah.

This week's SI Cheerleader of the Week. Also, revisit SI's swimsuit videos for Brooklyn Decker. You haven't done the videos, yet? The obvious question is "why not?" Miss Decker (from Matthews, NC) is also a huge Tar Heels fan.

Lotsa good vibe for the 'Heels going into the big dance.

I'm looking at catching my first game at the new Bosh this weekend, too: #1 diamond 'Heels vs. Dook on Saturday.

"What binds us to this place, as to no other? Is it the Bell, or the Well, or the Old Stone Wall?... It is, as it was meant to be, the University of the people." -Charles Kuralt

And way-cute chicks, dammit! Go Tar Heels!

UPDATE: While I was on the good-vibe happy train, the dipshits at the Charlotte Obscurer had to go and burst my bubble this morning with the news that the First Usurper likes my team to win it all. Talk about queerin' some shit up. Thanks alot, fuckwads. Hey Barkarama! We don't want your hoops love any more than we want your bullshit, big-government spendulus crap. Go give it to Kentucky. By the way, don't you have more-pressing matters?

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