Thursday, March 19, 2009

From the Foto Files of the FlyFishing Funicator

I was very much disappointed that I didn't get to post pictures of quail, and grouse, and woodcock from this winter. Maggie and I got into the woods and/or fields 9 times this past year (hear Mr. Rooney saying, "Nine times, Missizz Beuhler...") and nary a bird shot. Not even one shot at.

So, I was starting to get the impression that God had decided to render null and void my dominion over the beasts of the earth.

So, it is with great pleasure (and a considerable measure of relief) that I present the first trout of '09.

The recent raininess had swollen this Delayed Harvest creek, so wading was tee-yoo-uff. The water wasn't muddy, as you can see in the background above, but "roiling" was the most common adjective of the day.

Picture #2 is a shot of an area that is usually manageable at about thigh depth, but this day was over belt-level. Water temps were in the 40s, air temps in the 50s to low 60s later, and since I only ever wade in canvas felt-soled hiking boots and old jeans, I could only stand it in the water for about an hour at a time before having to walk for 20-30 minutes to thaw out.It was extra nice to get on the water before the heavy pressure hits; the bait-fishing Flintstones will clean it out very soon. I ran into a retired superior court judge on the creek (as he was taking a lunch break and I was relocating the truck upstream and thawing). He named some folks who I know that he had worked with, and said that he had fished this same crick last week and caught over 30, with a couple in the 24"-plus class.

The weatherman missed it with his "2-3 mph winds becoming calm..." because it got to about 12-15mph after noon, which of course made bracing the stream (and especially casting) that much tougher, but I ain't complainin'...


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