Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get away for tea & dogs

Road trip!

Our State magazine this month has a series on weekend mini-vacation ideas. I haven't gotten to those articles, yet, but they include trips centered around baseball, shopping, golf, history, and romance (eleven articles in all). I'd like to briefly suggest a 12th:

From Sister Toldjah, and her reader Donna, Saturday March 21st in Raleigh will be a Tea Party to "revolt against Barack Obama's big government spending ways." The aforelinked link also has a link to a Facebook site where you can note your planned attendance.

Fish Camp Barbie recently reminded me of the fabulous Roast Grill in Raleigh. Well, okay...their website says "No Sweet Tea," so I'm not too sure how fabulous that equation can be, but you gotta love the No Heinz T-shirt. And, if you combine the two, you'll have the best of both worlds. Bring your own Hunt's, shove a half-dozen dogs down yer thote, then go over to the Capitol (East side) & get your Tea Party on. Walking distance, kids! And, as the FCB informs, The Roast Grill is to be the destination for an upcoming Man Vs. Food episode. You can watch the show and proclaim, "I was just over there!" Oops, editorial update: While researching the show schedule, I learnt that this episode is slated to air on March 18th. So, that means that when you're watching it, you'll be saying, "That's where I'll be on Saturday...and I'll eat more hotdogs than Adam did!"

Like the Sister, make mine SWEET and no lemon...not so much on the lotsa ice, though!

I 'spect to be there.


  1. jeff thanks so much for visiting my blog! how interesting that you are from NC? i have several regular commenters from there. your blog looks like a lot of fun. i will try to make it a regular read as well!

  2. Hey Jeff, It's Stephen. Just wanted to show you a little link about that kudzu we were talking about.

  3. Very informative, sir. Still doesn't make me wanna fry any of it up.

    Particularly disturbing, though, was the implication that the plant engenders some metabolic distaste for alcohol. Just looking at it makes me crave a snootful of 'shine, so I guess the full negative effect comes only from injesting it.

    I think I'll play it safe.