Friday, March 27, 2009

I can't get the phrase, "Zombie kittehs vote for Ken" outta my head

We at the staff of the Livermush blog shall not revel in the Blue Devils' loss last night. That team and their fans should be proud of a successful season. I don't want to dogpile on them, because I've always felt that bad form might usher in bad luck. It's already got to be the worst harbinger in sports history that the monumentally inept and despicable Obomination is publicly rooting for my guys. Combine that with Sports Illustrated putting Ty Lawson on their cover (universally known for being bad luck) and my fellow Carolina fans better be finding some Buddha bellies to rub.

If the bad-luck factor isn't enough, consider the fact that Gonzaga, Carolina's opponent tonight, runs the Flex offense. Care to guess which other Tar Heels' foes this season ran the Flex?

Maryland & Boston College.

Care to guess what program is the model for the Flex? Gonzaga.

They know the Flex offense so well, one of their assistant coaches has written a book about it.

I hope that all the UNC players, coaches, and staff have had an opportunity to expectorate in the Mighty Mississippi by now.

On a slightly different note, the picture above is of all the folks I recruited to go vote for Ken, who is a Duke fan. But, Carolina fans are fans of Ken because he kicks the bad guys' ass. So, go vote for Ken, else I'll come kick your ass.
Photo credit goes to the FCB, who aside from being a better photographer than I, is also a brilliantly gracious host...the gold standard in that department.

Recapping...find something lucky for the 'Heels, vote for Ken, kisses to the FCB...

Go Tar Heels!


  1. LOL!!! Thanks Jeff!! Just so you know, I will be rooting for Carolina! My team didn't make it, but I'd like to see a North Carolina team win.

    Go heels!

  2. yes but really... how cool is it to have zombie kittehs? the voting for ken part is just icing. heh.

  3. Shit-fire, I am groovin' on the luv!