Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vittles, y'all!

I wanted to send some home-cooking to my displaced North Carolina brethren and sisteren in the Great Northwest. To Colonel Tomato Stake Thompson and Blathering Kate, and any others who might need some good eats.

Livermush sammiches and pan-seared tater-tots, yum! I made enough for company, so come hungry. Wish you were here.
Correction/update: That's a livermush, egg, and cheese sammich slathered with Duke's mayonaisse and gently fired up with garlic Texas Pete...Popeye's spinach for this blogger.


  1. just what IS livermush? (i'm afraid to hear!!!)

  2. OWE EMM GEE, Kate...I thought you'd know. From the August 2008 issue of Our State magazine, Bob Garner writes: "...popular primarily in the central and southwest piedmont of North Carolina, is a no-nonsense combination of pork livers (at least 30% by law) plus other pork scraps, including meat from the head, which are cooked until they fall apart. The meat is then finely ground, mixed with cornmeal and seasonings, and chilled into a block, from which it's usually cut into slices and fried."

    Garner also says "And eating livermush isn't mostly a 'guy thing'; large numbers of females in the region have grown fond of this 'poor man's pate`'..."

  3. gosh i almost wish i hadn't asked! but hey the tater tots looked yummy!