Sunday, April 5, 2009

BRHA Hibriten Mnt. trail ride

These are pix from the weekend horse-riding adventures. This first one is yesterday's "warm-up" ride at Tuff-Enuff Rodeo. The happy couple are neighbor-friends Ted & Wendy, who just celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary. Congrats, you two! The rest of the pix are today's big ride to the top of Hibriten Mountain.

It looks like a lot of like minded folks that had been stuck inside a lot lately, had focussed on getting out this weekend, and what a great day for it. I heard it said there were 88 riders.

The last photo is of the support structure for the Christmas Star, which is visible when lit from the far mountains of the previous picture. If I can get out that way next week, perhaps I can get a shot of the illuminated Easter Cross, for perspective from the far ground. The ramp is for the hang-gliders.

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