Sunday, April 19, 2009

What if everyone quit?


The few folks who were aware of my plans to thumb my nose on April 15 warned me that not filing would mean that I'd have no recourse later. But I don't care. No, that's not true...I do care about those things I've worked hard for, and don't want them confiscated (stolen). And I've never been to jail, but I don't think I'll enjoy it. And the ironic truth of the matter is that, had I submitted those filings, my wallet would definitely be fatter right now. I paid more tax last year, by far, than the net sum owed would be, given the "deductions" which I certainly could have taken.

I made 12 mortgage payments (did it myself, ha!), most of which were interest.

I had healthcare costs that I paid out of pocket; not piddly-ass shit, either.

I had business expenses that literally dwarf the amount of what would be my tax.

I had unrecovered losses due to scoundrels who couldn't find their checkbooks.

And I would have had an accountant paid to sort through it all.

But the point is, it doesn't matter. Let them keep that cash as my last investment in their grand scheme. Perhaps they can use it to offset their prosecutorial expenses!

I know you can't eat your principles, but I just couldn't go through another tax season gnashing my teeth over the whole process of laying bare my worth, and so many other facets of my existence, to that great self-perpetuating machine that does nothing if not abuse that worth. So, I refused to play their silly little reindeer games this year, as I'll also refuse from here on out.

The threat of voting those bozos out "next term" hasn't ever stopped them from taxing more and prying deeper in the past, has it? They make new laws for the sake of having new laws and refer to government handouts as "tax breaks." Not that I want to lead any big revolution, but what if everyone right now changed their filing status with their respective employers to accomodate the least amount of weekly govenment-enforced theft, and said to those vermin inhabiting the Capitols in Washington and Raleigh, "steal from me now, but do not expect my complicity next April..."?

The only certainty regarding taxation is that it requires your willing assent. I stopped giving it, and wonder out loud how effective it would be if everyone else did likewise.

I had a girlfriend a few years ago (only temporarily, thank God!) who possessed three young'uns and earned (as a hairstylist) less than 20 grand a year. Every year about this time, she made arrangements for her end-of-the-schoolyear, weeklong, beach vacation that she affords because of her...wait for it...I am not making this shit up...


Not just rough-camping somewhere within a long walk of the beach, but a weeklong rental...HOUSE...on...the...beach. Again, with clarity: ON the beach.

This is the equation, folks. You will be paying for her beach vacation next year, because you will pay and she will collect the refund. [For the full effect, re-read the previous sentence and when you get to the italicized word, think of Jerry Seinfeld saying his neighbor Neuman's name sneeringly: "NEUMANNNNN".]

If I was getting assaulted and didn't kick up much fuss, my assailers might get the idea that I didn't mind it so much. I mean, getting taxed is one thing, but being forced to endure a rectal probe every April 15th to prove you were taxed appropriately seems a bit excessive. Why not just quit?


  1. My Buddy, in the survey world we call this "acquiescence"...the term used to describe an act of a person in knowingly standing by without raising any objection to infringement of his rights.....

    you have hit the nail on the head.


  2. Les, thanks for the comment. I recently asked a relative if she read my blog. She said, "No, it's more like I tolerate it." That kinda stung a bit. But I am buoyed and reinforced by your presence and readership, my friend.

    As the guy that works on the ass-end of the trash truck likes to say: 'Mon back!

  3. i read your blog too. i wish you would post more are a terrific writer!

  4. Thanks, Kate. I am humbled by your visitage to my space. A good writer is supposed to *know* who his audience is, but I confess, I have not decided exactly who that is. For me, and thus far in my blog-life, it's been a revolving group of imaginary people. But to a great extent, there are only a few people who I care enough about their opinion that I truly want to impress. You are one of those folks. Thank you so much for your kind encouragement.

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  6. Peter,

    A first comment on a post this old is curious, at best, and makes me think you're just another troll from the dailykos/moveon/huffpo gang of dimwits bent on some malfeasance, at worst. The sketchy syntax is a red flag, too...but what the heck.

    You want link blog my? Knock self your out.