Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DW on the Livermush player

Shout out and salute to the FCB!

The recent additions to the above player includes some Dale Watson, who is one of the favorites of one of my favorites, Creener, AKA: Fish Camp Barbie.

Carina's heart is bigger than the Star Ranch and it's getting pounded right now because her Mom is in the hospital, not doing well. Your kind thoughts and prayers for her, her Mom, and their family would be appreciated. I'll be squeezin' the phone tight...


  1. Thanks, Jeff. It must have worked because my mom is said to be resting comfortably tonight after getting a PleurX chest tube placed earlier today. Almost 3 liters of fluid have been drained off her right chest since Monday afternoon. She almost died Sunday night/Monday morning because the hospital was too lazy and/or ill-equipped to do a chest tap - even in the ER.

  2. Darlin', that's great news. Three cheers for the power of prayer, disguised as some therapeutic Dale Watson sangin'. Continued wishes for full and speedy recovery for Mama Fish Camp!