Friday, April 3, 2009

In honor of National Cleavage Day

My dear friend, Creener aka The Fish Camp Barbie, sent me a care package through the US mail which arrived yesterday. She says that her fool-proof method for making new friends is to show her titties, and that I can do this myself, now. Happy Cleavage Day everyone!

Actually, I did not know that it was National Cleavage Day until reading Jenny's report. So, this goes out to Jenny. If my company survives this economic death-spiral (and it ain't looking good), I will hire Jenny and she can come work in my office showing as much cleavage as she damn well pleases. And she can send text messages to her current (then will be former) employer saying, "Nanny nanny poo poo...."

Cheers to Creener, Jenny, and cleavage!

1 comment:

  1. LMAO I had to click the picture it to see it right. It looked like a tiki man.