Friday, January 13, 2012

Key Word: Unlawfully

You are hereby presented with a choice.  You can go read Ann Coulter's essay on the difference between firing service-providers in the real world and the prospect of firing guvmint workers in the not-real world:

"Obamacare, you will recall, will be administered by the same people who run the Department of Motor Vehicles. They will operate under the same self-paced, self-evaluated work rules that have made government offices the envy of efficiency specialists everywhere.

And no one will be able to fire them -- unless they're caught doing something truly vile and criminal, such as stealing from patients in nursing homes.

Oops, I take that back: Government employees who rob the elderly also can't be fired.

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that, after a spate of burglaries at a veterans hospital in California several years ago, authorities set up video cameras to catch the perpetrators. In short order, nurse's aide Linda Riccitelli was videotaped sneaking into the room of 93-year-old Raymond Germain as he slept, sticking her hand into his dresser drawer and stealing the bait money that had been left there.

Riccitelli was fired and a burglary prosecution initiated. A few years later, the California Personnel Board rescinded her firing and awarded her three-years back pay. The board dismissed the videotape of Riccitelli stealing the money as "circumstantial." (The criminal prosecution was also dropped after Germain died.)"

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Or, you can watch this public-service video.


  1. Is that the Professional Russian in a wig with an upper plate?

  2. 40, I can't say that I know the Russian. But then again, who doesn't like Pert Fluff on a woman's hair?