Friday, January 6, 2012

America vs. Obama

I enjoyed the Iowa Caucus, and even the results, because I wasn't looking at it as "I really want this guy to win" or "I really want this guy eliminated," as much as I felt like any of them would be an infinitely better leader that the pathetic excuse currently occupying the White House.

Would that that headline were so, it'd be a relatively easy fight.  And make no mistake, that's exactly the nuts and bolts of this coming election: Obama wins and America dies.  End of story.

But the headline isn't true, or at least it isn't complete.  More accurately, it should read: America vs. Obama and His Fawning Media.  Because with only a modicum of objectivity, Big Media would be all over the combined malfeasance and ineptitude of this administration.

Fred Barnes, in The Weekly Standard, says there will be six more televised debates by the end of January.  Add four more by the end of March, already scheduled.  In order, those debates come courtesy of ABC, NBC, FOX, CNN, NBC, CNN, CNN, CNN, NBC, and PBS.


With the obvious possible exception of Fox News, don't you honestly expect the moderators' questions to be geared toward emphasizing the individual faults of the candidates, and stirring the slightest antipathy between them, rather than any of their comparitive strengths vs Obama?  The only way their candidate (The One) stands a chance is if they continue promoting his narrative.  That is, they'll ask questions that paint the candidates (and GOP) in the worst possible light in order to avoid any light at all hitting their guy.

Here's a list of ten questions I wish they'd ask (or I would ask, given the opportunity):

Let's go straight down the line with 10 seconds for each candidate.  Off the top of your head, if you count being Senator of Illinois as one, and President as the other, how many MORE jobs have you actually had in your lifetime than Obama's two?

Which do you think is a more egregious offense, experimentally implementing Romneycare as a trial balloon solution in a very liberal state or forcing Obabamamacare down the throats of the entire nation, in spite of its heated opposition?

Follow-up question, show of hands...Which of you would, immediately upon being sworn in, grant waivers regarding Obamacare to all 50 states and begin working toward repealing it completely?

How many rounds of golf did you play last year, while you should/could have been working?  Alternative question, how much vacation travel did you and your family enjoy last year at the expense of the American people?

If you and a Marine and Nancy Pelosi were all getting on an elevator, how many of you would still be standing when the elevator doors opened?

Could you envision your home congregation inviting the "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright to deliver a guest sermon?

If Bill Ayers, George Soros, Cass Sundstein and Michelle Obama were all swept away in a flood, but you could save only one of them, would you A) order a pizza, or B) go to a movie?

Obama once said he'd convened a panel of experts to determine "whose ass to kick."  What odds would you give each of your fellow candidates in a bare-knuckle match versus Obama?  What odds would you give yourself?

Would you be in favor of waterboarding Eric Holder?

Pick any of the following and tell whether they would endorse you or Obama:
     *Bin Laden
     *George Washington
     *Martin Luther King, Jr.
     *Josef Stalin
     *Adolph Hitler
     *John Wayne
     *Kim Jong Il
     *Flight 93 passenger Tom Burnett, Jr
     *Milton Friedman
     *King Solomon
     *King Leonidas
If asked to moderate any of those planned debates, I'll gladly see about moving some things around to make it happen.  It'd be the best debate evah!

What question would you ask?

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  1. My buddy! Thanks for the New Year's post! I tried to comment on it, but Blogspot wouldn't let me. (Guess I should go and try to Occupy something to show them!) Hope all is well and so glad to see you are still fighting the good fight!!