Monday, January 2, 2012

Not Too Late

For a worthwhile New Years resolution.  You're probably a wonderful person, just as you are, even if you eat too many procrastinations, drink too many cigarettes, or smoke too much caffeine.


We hereby recognize that the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has been a disaster. The corruption, incompetence and lack of experience demonstrated by the President, his advisers and allies in the U.S. Congress and the American news media have made Americans worse off economically and have damaged our alliances around the world and placed us at a disadvantage in relation to our enemies.

Four more years of this failed, corrupt and recklessly radical presidency would impart lasting and irreparable damage on the fabric of this country and expose us to further economic decline and dangers from overseas.

Therefore, we hereby resolve...

Additionally, you can resolve to read more at Mike's America, Hillbilly White Trash, and On Motivation & Chocolate, any of which will make you feel smarter than a Holiday Inn Express.

NOTE: One caveat I had to Mike's Resolution is that if Kooky Ron gets the nomination, I'll support a scheme to launch a third party and camp out on Chris Christie's lawn until he agrees to run.


  1. Jeff: There's not a snowballs chance in hell that Ron Paul would win the nomination. Yet, if we expect the RP'rs to stay with the program and hold their nose and vote for a Republican this November we have to avoid any talk of third party which would only open the door to Obama's re-election.

    Chris Christie is a smart guy and I know he understands that going third party won't work.

  2. You and I both may dislike the notion of a third party, and I do not believe he has a snowball's chance either, but I have no desire to pander to the nose-holders. I don't think that third party success (or even successful relevance) is at issue. My point is simply to draw the line on THIS side of Ron Paul, and to illustrate that the GOP's validity wanes with the continued inclusion of Kooky Uncle Ron.

    Consider it a dedication to principle in spite of how politically inexpedient it might seem (it's high time for the adults to part company with the children, sending them away to their own table). I have no delusions about currying favor with the Paulitos, as I don't have any reason to think they'll entrench themselves as Republican, once he (Paul) has been excused from the proceedings.