Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm all for the prolonged Primary season, and concur with Rick Santorum's characterization (yeah, I've been doing more and more of that) that at its best, the process is one of steel sharpening steel.  But I cringe when I hear leftist rhetoric coming out of Republican mouths.

These guys are at their best when they each remain focused on the real target, and lose votes for themselves (and their Party) when they take cheap shots at each other.

Cases in point: Newt's assault on Bain Capital (with Santorum chiming in), and Mitt's "Nancy Pelosi might have something (on Newt) there..."  I'm paraphrasing.

Romney missed a perfect opportunity to say, "You know what folks?  It'll be a cold day in hell before I go hanging my campaign hat on anything that slug (Pelosi) has to say."

Ann Coulter likes Mitt.  Thomas Sowell (who Miss Coulter reveres) leans toward Newt.  Chris Christie loves Mitt, but Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin prefer Newt.  I still like Herman, but I think America's chances are pretty good against Obama with Rick or Mitt or Newt.

I think Rick Santorum should have demanded John King apologize to Newt, and stolen some of the standing ovation.

You want some steel?  Check out my guy...

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