Thursday, January 12, 2012

Piss On The Taliban

If a United States Marine wants to make water on a dead Talibaner, the family of said Talibaner should thank the Marine.  These Afghan fighters are enemies of the Marines.  But, (and correct me if I'm wrong here) I don't believe they have the gumption to even wear a uniform, choosing instead to blend in as pretended civilians so as to ambush Marines and other US Soldiers.

Hillary Clinton has the audacity to be offended at a video of Marines urinating on room-temperature bad-guys.

Fuck you, Hillary.

Where's your righteous indignation regarding Eric Holder's DOJ culpability in the death of US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, vis-a-vis the Fast & Furious gunwalker scandal?

And if anyone accepts the very small leap that the Obama administration (including Mz Clinton), all the way to the top, bears complicity in Fast & Furious (which I, for one, do), it isn't too implausible that they played a hand in this mess.  I firmly believe the Clintons are absolutely capable of orchestrating the whole episode.

Really?  Marines just happened to be filming themselves taking a piss on the enemy?  I'm not too surprised (or even disappointed they did it, if they in fact did); I'm just shocked they'd be dumb enough to both A) film the event, and B) get busted for it.  It's much easier to believe they aren't even Marines, but actually a few misplaced Bradley Mannings.

And we hear that this may gum up the planned talks (as in "negotiations"?) with the Talibaners?  What, for the love of Pete, do Americans have to discuss with these guys that some well-placed water-boarding can't effect?

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