Thursday, January 31, 2013

Afterburner 1/31

I really don't want to hear any of you folks out there crying about how you just can't believe such & such is happening (gun ban/confiscation schemes, freedom of speech restrictions, surprise taxes, intrusive questions from your doctor, rising tides of violence and mistrust, inflation and economic woe, and so on), because when we tried to warn you, you dismissed us with an impatient wave.

Those folks are still in power, and drunk on that power.  They do not recognize any limit to their power nor any accountability to the rule of law.  They are above the law, and you are their subjects.

This ride is going to get bumpier, by far, before it smooths out.

Consider the possibility that next, they'll kick a feller's door in because he posted a Bill Whittle propaganda piece on his blog. Don't think it could happen? What's to stop them?

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