Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hillary Clinton

Secretary of Skank

Imagined editorial segment on Fox News...

Brit Hume: Thanks, Brett.  Today's testimony before the Senate No-oversight Committee on Blaming Things On An Obscure Flavor Of Jello Pudding, acting Secretary of Skank, Hillary Clinton said...

Brett Baier: Excuse me, Brit.  Don't you mean, Secretary of State?

Hume: Sorry, but no.  We're expected to believe from her testimony, that either she's so inept that she couldn't envision a need for basic security (much less enhanced security) in Libya, on 9/11, for the single American in that country most likely to need enhanced security...or she just did not and does not care.  What part of her skankified life holds priority over her doing this most basic part of her job? She's unqualified to be the Secretary of anything but Skank.

At the very least, the next time she's called to testify, I hope one of those Senators has the balls to say, "Instead of smiling and smirking Mizz Clinton, and before you start pounding your fist indignantly, weigh your impertinance against these two phrases: 1) treasonous subterfuge versus the American people, involving the death of an American diplomat, and 2) firing squad."

On other, seemingly unrelated, imaginary news happenings...

If you watch this Katie Couric interview with Manti Te'o, think about the likelihood that there was a recent production meeting that featured Mizz Couric saying, "If there's a massive hoax, involving a pillow-biting odd,  juiced-up reknowned football player from a Catholic school, why aren't we in on it?  Furthermore, how can we get in on it?"

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