Saturday, January 26, 2013

In Their House (Updated)

Unless the Dhimmicrat Jackboots come kicking in my door to search for the offending high-capacity magazine clips, my whole Saturday gets to be planned around a televised skirmish, the UNC vs. NCSU basketball game, slated to tip off at 7PM.  Not because of who it is the Tar Heels are playing, it's the same at the House of Livermush for every game.

What time is the game?  Okay, that's take out the trash here, get tires here, write blog post here, eat here, here, and here, fend off unforeseen household drama (which isn't planned, but set aside time for it anyway) here.  And have Jones, Eric, Adam, et al giving me the pregame atmosphere by 6, then...action!

My red-clad friends with the little woofy hand-signals will behave much the same way, but not because this is the way they block out time for any game.  This is the only game that matters, or has mattered, for at least the past week and the following week, but possibly since the moment Gio broke their pitiful little hearts with his magical punt return a few months ago on the Kenan Stadium football field and onward for months, as well.

It must truly stink to be perennially defining your team's success by its outcome versus only one opponent.  Honstly, I can't imagine thinking that it was okay to lose four games, so long as we won this one game.  But, that very mindset of theirs is exactly why Adam Lucas warns you not to assume logically lofty expectations for tonight: Uh-Oh.

For little UNC-Raleigh, it counts as more than one game.  To Wolfpack fans, it may be a single move of the pawn, but it's the one step to the far end of the chessboard that regains them their queen.  Nevermind that nobody but them considers that single move "queen-worthy".  Oh, the unparalleled glory!...If only in their pathetic little minds.

It is their house, and there will be much venomous energy.  Well, their "rented" house, that is, the RBC-come-PNC Arena.  And the game is just a pawn, in the bigger game of a season's success.

Hope we can capture this pawn, anyway.  If we do, for us it's just another pawn...but for their season, it's Check and Mate.

Go 'Heels.

UPDATE: Nevermind.

NUTHER UPDATE: Told ya so.

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