Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fiscal Secession

First, let me state that this argument needs a more eloquent and forceful voice than I can give it.

The time is right for North Carolina to defund and deligitimize the federal government.  I might propose that our newly elected state legislators seize their mandate to lead the country toward fiscal responsibility, and away from rampant irresponsibility.  Affirm to the rest of the country that North Carolina is a safe-haven for business and personal tax-relief, eliminate income and revenue taxation in favor of a flat sales tax.  Pledge to submit a "fund" payment to the federal government to cover defense obligations.  Shelter NC citizens from federal law/regulation/fiat.  And fiscally sever all other ties.  Tell Washington, DC that our citizens are not their subjects.

Reassert our state sovereignty, as it were (and as it once WAS!)

We North Carolinians don't want to depart America, we want to take America with us.  We're America Classic (with apologies to Coca Cola), and they're New Coke.  We want our country to be as it was founded and intended, not that which it is being perverted into by the Progressive/Socialist/Modern Liberal/Left.  We can tolerate taxation, but have absolutely reached our boiling point with the thievery and misuse of our monies.  Not to mention the cancerous intrusions into our personal space, and trampling on our Liberty and liberties.

Most of the rest of America is straining against their leashes to follow the lead that we'll set.  Truly, within minutes, South Carolina will jump in with both feet (and claim it was their idea).  Same thing for Texas.  Then, like dominos...the rest of the South, the Dakotas, the Southern border states (for obvious other reasons), the Midwest...

New York and California can simultaneously lead a charge for the New Coke crowd.

And just like North Dakota, our economy will explode.  Freedom and legislative predictability (if not certainty) will draw that hoarded wealth like a magnet.

Personally, I'd go so far as to have a swearing-in of Mitt Romney as Actual President, but that is perhaps a different argument.  Seriously, and even if it's only symbolic, we are owed a President that respects our Sovereignty.  One who wouldn't lie to us about Benghazi.  Who wouldn't deceive us about Fast & Furious.  Who wouldn't steal from us like Obamacare does.  Who wouldn't subvert the Constitution with Executive Orders.  Who wouldn't keep printing and borrowing money.  Invite Mr. Romney to Charlotte and sell tickets for the ceremony.  Do we have a big-enough venue?  Oh, I know, have it at the NC Moter Speedway!  The D's couldn't fill it, but WE can.

Okay, I'm getting too excited, and there is work to do.

Please tell me you like the idea.  Or, tell me why you don't.  Get some of our politicians into the discussion.  Our country was built on the notion that the individual States could peacefully walk away from the Union if they so chose.  We tried it once before and couldn't carry enough of the moral high ground.  We were right then, but right about a thing which was wrong.  The time has never been more right, and North Carolina should step out front to lead.


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