Friday, June 6, 2014

It's About the Kids, Dawg, Yo.

Rashad McCants, in this ESPN article slamming the UNC basketball program says he's "concerned about the future."

"It's about my kids, about your kids. It's about their kids. It's about knowing the education that I received and knowing that something needs to change," he said. "This has nothing to do with the Carolina fans or the Carolina program. It has everything to do with the system, and Carolina just so happened to be a part of the system and they participated in the system, so in retrospect, you have to look at it and say, 'Hey, you know what you did wrong.'
"Stand  up.  It's time for everybody to really just be accountable"


Let's get this straight.  Rashad, who couldn't pass algebra and psychology, but made straight A's in no-show AFAM classes...wants to blame the system.

Actually, in a way I too blame a system: the one that conceived and later tolerated the whole African & Afro-American Studies Program, and left this "Professor" Julius Nyang'Oro in charge.  It appears to me that the one thing Nyang'Oro consistently and effectively taught, was how to game the system... and these courses were taught to students whose academic purpose was mostly to do just that: game the system, then blame the system.  Can't be McCants' fault, can it?
While we're at it, let's blame Affirmative Action for perpetuating the soft bigotry of diminished expectations for black athletes, and UNC for subscribing to such a system.  But let's certainly not hold Rashad personally accountable for his own poor performance in the classroom. [/sarcasm]

In retrospect, I think Roy Williams should've said "sink or swim, motherfucker."  And, I bet he wishes he'd have done just that, too.

If McCants wants folks to be held accountable, perhaps he should also be looking "in the mirror."  My support for that University's basketball program led me to presume for him the benefit of the doubt regarding his academic intentions.  I, and fellow fans, were wrong to extend him such a benefit.  We didn't think we were cheering for cheaters and race-hustlers.
McCants washed out of the NBA after just 4 years, and is now reportedly plying his trade in Brazil.
He once characterized life at UNC as being "like prison", and now says it's like "a tragedy because I spent a lot of time in a class I didn't do anything in (sic)."
The fo'real, dawg tragedy is that anybody in Chapel Hill wasted their give-a-damns on poor little Rashad.

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