Monday, June 16, 2014

Normalcy Bias

It's going to get a lot of us killed.  And it is not, as the Wikipedia definition suggests, just an inability to imagine that which has never happened, being possible.  It is the possibility, also, that some of the very worst of human history is being intentionally recreated.

I just don't even have the words to add to this; it so completely fleshes out your state of affairs, and what your near future holds, like it or not.
It is not farfetched to assume that such an ongoing concatenation of events as we have enumerated may well comprise a deliberate project meant to inflame social unrest and bring about a civil crisis that would facilitate the ostensible goal of the Obama administration, namely, the “fundamental transformation” of the republic into a socialist welfare state — or a de facto one-party system. Indeed, the various scandals that have plagued the Obama administration — NSA spying on citizens, IRS targeting of conservative organizations, Fast and Furious gun-running operations, illegal deferring of certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act, the exchange of the dubious Bowe Bergdahl for five battle-hardened Taliban insurgents without consulting Congress, thus breaking a law [19] signed by the president himself — are all forms of autocratic practice and are redolent of police-state actions.

One would prefer to regard this hypothesis as the stuff of fiction or unhinged conspiracy theory. But the circumstances described above, considered alongside the president’s Marxist training and Alinskyite methods, as well as a number of new developments, fuel such troubling speculations. These new developments involve a set of curious events within the military establishment. As Larry Kelley writes in Freedom Outpost, “Over the five years of his presidency across all branches of the armed services [Obama] has fired 197 senior officers. Just this year, he fired nine commanding generals, including General Ham, head of US Africa Command, who publicly stated that he disagreed with the order not to send a rescue mission into Benghazi on the night of the attacks when our people were pleading for their lives. Retired and active members of our most elite warriors are openly speculating that an Obama purge of its commanders is under way.”

H/T to Mike at Cold Fury, Future Fear at Pajamas Media...

Frankly, I'd prefer to think that the Corruptocrat-In-Chief is just a moron.  But, I am not that naïve.  He may not be the smartest person in the room, but I can't accept that there's no pattern or purpose to it all.
Is this stuff just getting to the ears of the choir, or are there readers out there who've been stirred out of their respective normalcies?  Or, is there anyone reading this who'd care to suggest where Solway is wrong?

If you don't read anything else today, this week, this month, read this.


  1. keep swinging jeff. there are a lot of people out there reading but not commenting. remember even back in the colonial days, 30% of the people had normalcy bias, or so that story goes. they are just going along for the ride, wherever that takes them. some of us like riding "shotgun" though.

  2. Thanks for the support, tensmiths.

    If you're ever up this way, drop by and I'll make you a sammich or two. Hope to visit with you next time at Brock's.


  3. Tensmiths, if you "subscribed" to this comment thread, I hope we get to visit at Brock's next week. I'll be the guy with a bonefish fly in his hatband.

    Now, that's something you don't hear every day.