Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Parting Company With Fred Reed, Here

Fred says he was a former Marine, and I thought there was no such thing.  Once a Marine, always a Marine?  I don't have time to devote much thought to this missive, but wanted to get a few thoughts down...perhaps there'll be more, later.
As a Vietnam veteran, he's certainly earned the right to his inflated anecdotal perspective regarding war.  But when he dismisses the brotherhood of soldiers as that of suckers, he insults far better men than himself.  Mighty arrogant of him, projecting the murky purpose of his "war" on all other wars and warriors.
Bowe Bergdahl may have your admiration, Fred, but not mine.  And, I admire you that much less, for your disappointing stance on this matter.  You can hate war all you want, but besmirching the warrior is just downright vulgar.  And for what?  To prop up this jihadist?
His platoon doesn't hate him for shaming them with his "courage" to desert, they hate him for turning his back on them.  And they despise you for vindicating him.
As do I.  Call it the menace of the Individual, if it suits you, Fred.  And you can feel roundly menaced.
The opposite of the unthinking soldier is the true warrior, an individual.  He lives for the fight, not the platitudes.  He is not a herd animal (and note this is keenly unlike Officer Safety and his pals).  There is a unity based upon common principle and dedication to each other, but it's far from mindless.  And, Fred has some nerve to look down his nose at them, presuming imagined nobility for Bergdahl's cowardice.
For shame.

I am glad that there are divergent opinions regarding war.  And, I support Reed's and Rockwell's opposing view (at the very least, if it comes down to who the enemies of Liberty are, we'll have some reason not to shoot them).  And, I've said that so long as our soldiers are being hamstrung with suicidal rules of engagement, let's shut this war down and bring 'em home.  But, I am very much in favor of them shooting Talibanis and other Musloids, while in that sandbox.  And, I very much support them retaining their warrior ethic for the coming bitchslap, here in the FUSA.

I am convinced that there is going to be Rev War III, and I believe we're going to need the best of those warriors, prepared to do what they do.


  1. I was shocked by Fred's "attaboy" to Bergdohl, too - can't believe he knows all the facts. Sort of like all those people who had strong opinions on the guilt of George Zimmerman, but they only knew what they heard from the highly prejudiced defamatory lies orchestrated by National MSM. Fred is going the opposite direction, but maybe because he is very bitter over what has happened to him. If Fred's bottom line is that all wars are just stupid and not worth killing and maiming our boys because we don't fight to win any more, that I agree with - bring 'em home and protect our country against obvious internal Enemy Traitors. But to ignore that Bergdohl might have been an active collaborator, that's just wrong wrong wrong, Fred. We will never be allowed to know the "official" truth from the Mafia in the WH, but I believe the men who came forward to tell the truth - they are the ones who were betrayed.


  2. Thanks for the comment, and reinforcement, Sioux. Like Judge Napolitano calling Cliven Bundy "racist", it just floored me that someone whose opinion I valued so highly, might kneejerk out something so mutton-headed.

    I only know Fred from perhaps a dozen essays, and I suspect he has backlog of material and fans going back years. So, I wondered if I was the only one surprised by his take. Although I haven't searched hard (might do that this morning), I haven't seen any of the writers/bloggists I respect offer criticism or endorsement on his essay.

    And, I heard yesterday that Bergdahl had, previous to enlisting in the Army, puked out of the Coast Guard.

    This is the kind of "soldier" our military are recruiting: emo-teens and beta-males and pillow-biters and illegal aliens and victim-theologists...then, encouraging them to embrace their feelings. One must wonder how long this Progressive system has infested the ranks, and how someone as ill-suited for combat as Bergdahl made SGT, too. It is NO wonder, to me at least, that there's an epidemic of PTSD (it's the very thing they've cultivated), much less depression and suicide.

    The question that worries me the most now? What brainiac commander in the Army took a good look at Bergdahl, and said, "yeah, that guy's gonna make a good platoon leader"?

  3. I asked Brock what he thought about Fred, and I don't want to speak for him, but I think he was surprised as well and couldn't believe that Fred knows everything (but maybe he does and doesn't care any more). Your questions about how long has this been going on etc. Just look at Boy/Girl Manning who was put into a sensitive position as an obvious gender-confused troubled soul. The Taxpayers are going to pay for his surgery to become a fetching young girl. I have to believe that all of the military leadership has been purged of those who would protest this kind of crap -- comply or your career dies. I would never recommend anyone go into the military now under these conditions. The military has been under "transformation" since at least Bush 1 days (remember how we don't need guns any more because USSR and the Berlin Wall fell - Peace dividend baloney) - Cheney was totally co-opted by his daughters (one of whom is a lesbian) to support women in the military, and later on the DADT under Clinton, to a full-blown welcome to the open LGBT? crowd who are having lots of having consensual and non-consensual sex whenever they want. That does a whole lot for morale and integrity in the ranks. Going into those muslim countries, can't have our boys screwing the native girls (& boys) and get beheaded, so increase the number of American girls and let those games begin ... blah blah blah....