Friday, June 20, 2014

We're From the Government

And, we're here to choke you.
From the they wouldn't let that happen department...
"This is a direct attack on every free-market business in America, and every single business should be alarmed. No business should have to operate while questioning daily whether or not they will be the victim of a cease-and-desist order. This will cause uncertainty on Wall Street and uncertainty in the job market, leading to a loss of jobs and devastating the families that rely on them, while irreversibly damaging the economy and threatening consumer choice."

That's Katie Pavlich quoting the US Consumer Coalition.  She thinks that Senatorial oversight and reform to include a committee to rule the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (that's sounds benign, don't it?), rather than an administrator might make that agency less terrorizing, but I can't quite agree.  Actually, I don't agree at all.
I can't help but think that far more extensive surgery, and more invasive, is going to be required.
Your government hates you for your independence, and is prepared to crush you.  What shall you do?

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