Monday, February 23, 2009

Barkarama & Lincoln: more alike than you thought

Back when I was gettin' my undergraduate edu-mo-cation at the University of Cullowhee, Left of Asheville, aside from getting learnt up on taking trophy browns from the Tuckaseegee, one instructor made a lasting impression on me. Her name: Constance Head.

She was the Dean of the History department, and informed us that she was a reincarnated Egyptian princess. But, the thing she taught us was the value of questioning the things we were taught. Questioning the source...questioning the logic, the motivation, the value or impact...the why behind the what. Listening critically, is what she meant.

I read somewhere that the devotees of The One would have you believe that he is much like the 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. I suppose the parallels might be a perceived unifying aura, the gift of oratorical eloquence, and that they were both sprung on us from Illinois (perhaps the most politically corrupt part of America).

Then, there's the accepted versions of their citizenry...oops. Okay, this is where I get on board regarding their similarities...

Go pick up a copy of this month's Our State magazine, and read up on another version, a very plausible one I might add, regarding the early years of "Honest" Abe.

Quick disclaimer: As I am a Southerner, I do not share the reverence of Abe-baby that some of our Northern brethren might. I think his actions enslaved more people than he freed. So, for those reasons, I don't mind lumping him and the Obamination in the same discussion. But back to our program...

This month, in Our State (the monthly magazine about and for North Carolina) is a story entitled "The Museum Doubt Built." In the article, Charles Blackburn, Jr says: "history books teach us that Nancy Hanks was born in Virginia and moved to Kentucky. There she married Tom Lincoln and gave birth in 1809 to a son they named Abraham." Those same history books neglect to tell us, according to the article, that young Nancy actually moved with her family to present-day Gaston County (NC), and that when the family got itself in a financial pickle, gave away (sold!) young Nancy as a bound servant to the Abraham Enloe family. Nancy remained in the service to the Enloes until getting herself impregnated by, get this, Abraham Enloe! Once she was with child, she was sent away (then) to Kentucky, where she met Tom Lincoln. The article even goes on to report that "Jesse Head, the Methodist deacon who married Tom and Nancy, reported that they had a little black-haired boy in tow at the wedding."

And, it gets better: Not only Abraham Enloe, but also Richard Martin and John C. Calhoun could claim, according to the article, to have perhaps sired that little bastard.

And speaking of fatherless little bastards...

Do you really think it's trivial that Barkorama can't produce a legitimate birth certificate?

I have heard that Alan Keyes has sued Obama to force him to publicly render his faked birth certificate. I have also heard that there is a petition circulating in the US Armed Services insisting on the same before servicemen and women acknowledge him as their Commander In Chief. Can't say as I know about that. But, I do want to thank Ms. Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs) for posting this youtube video of Mr. Keyes. I have new regard for Alan Keyes, and I'm glad to hear him say that he refuses to recognize Obama as president.

Efforts to embed videos are still frustratingly fruitless, so hit this link. It's good, I promise:

If his questionable citizenry, corrupt nurturing environment (Ayers, Wright, ACORN) in Chicago, economically hair-brained notions for recovery, open-door policy regarding terror-sponsor Ahminijad, idiotic big-government aspirations, plans for a "250,000-member armed civilian force that rivals the US military in strength" and that answers directly to him doesn't yet give you the sense that the fox is guarding the henhouse...


Then, may God help us.

Wanna do something? As far as the Lincoln business is concerned, certainly you should consider dropping by the website of The Bostic Center, and perhaps signing their petition insisting on DNA research into those aforementioned roots of ol' "Honest" Abe.

But, on the Obama matter? Questioning the sources and motivation of those involved, would be a logical start. Let's not leave this question unanswered for our ancestors to fight over 150 years from now.

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