Monday, February 9, 2009

How the Dems ran me off, for good.

I asked my 12-year-old nephew on Saturday whether he was a Democrat or Republican.

We had set out Saturday morning, my brother, his youngest son , and I, to go shotgun shopping. The nephew had some birthday dollars screaming to get spent.

The youngster rightly hesitated, and I told him that I really didn't want an answer, and it wasn't necessarily any of my business, but wanted to make a point about how Republicans and Democrats, for the most part, viewed his right to own a firearm. And, I wanted to prepare him for the possibility that he maybe wouldn't be carrying his new shooting-iron home this day.

But the element of dialog most important to this blog entry is the coaching that brother contributed. He said, "You are probably, mostly, what your parents are."

To which I replied, "Excellent point! But, if that were purely so, I, having Democrats for parents, would be thoroughly screwed." They both got a chuckle out of that. But it is a salient point. Given no other influence, I would likely be a Democrat. I'll do some research, and find out how far back this allegiance goes. But, what I want to focus on here, is what factors contributed to me pulling my head out of the sand (read: my ass).

Now let me mention...I, like most people, never fashioned my beliefs down the line of party-rhetoric or theme. I've always held conservative views on some subjects and more-liberal leanings on others. However, nowadays I have come to the conclusion that unless you're a pothead or homosexual, I don't see what the Democrats have for you. Oh, wait, I have to add "entitlement addicts" to that group. But after that, what? Okay, wealth-envy-cloaked-in-global-warming crowd, I know where you go, too.

Thing is, though, you folks suck. The only thing roughly "American" about your existence is that we Americans tolerate your presence. Where you are is America. But is there really anything else that makes you remotely American? You use those freedoms to your own end, do you not? You pervert things like marriage and concern for the environment into your own agenda. I see why the party of limitless tolerance is your ticket.

What was that last straw for me, though?

When I saw how the Democrats fell into lock-step wishing for our failure in Afghanistan and Iraq.

How gleefully they reported about the mysterious non-existence of WMD's.

How readily they abandoned the President and distanced themselves from Valor.

How easily they bedded down with the peace-mongering media.

How they took advantage of the combination of a natural disaster and a community of persons too sorry to do for themselves and laid blame on the administration in the process.

How that vile piece of shit, Hillary, rolled her eyes every chance she got while the President was speaking.

And how her husband claimed he wished the 9/11 attacks had been on his watch (Dear Slick Willie: I remember the Cole...and what your defintion of is is).

How they continually shame, pervert, and dishonor the Constitution, as if it is no longer relevant.

I ask myself, Which of that gang would Sam Adams, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Ben Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson give the time of day to?

Which of these bums would survive a patriot-litmus-test administered by the aforementioned?
  • Pelosi?
  • Reid?
  • Obama?
  • Clintons?
  • Kennedy?
  • Kerry?
  • Frank?
  • Dodd?
Those people (all leading Democrats) are bad, and by association, anyone aligned with them are also bad. I didn't say misguided. I said "bad". Dispicably bad.
My attitude is, I can love the environment, being an outdoorsman, without marching along to the "sky is falling" drumbeat. I can yearn for equality and prosperity for everyone, without the need to prop up the degenerate and worthless.
I read where Rush Limbaugh was quoted as saying that he wished for the current regime to fail, and I understand his feelings. But, I also believe that wishing them to fail is no better than them wishing failure on our previous administration in their push to gain power. And I'd like to think we're better than that. I am an unashamed fan of Rush, but I can't agree with him here.
What I hope for is that everyone opens their eyes to what we've gotten ourselves into.
I recently read another blog that was all weepy (he said it, not me) over an '04 speech given by the abomination that was all Kennedy-like and lovey-sweety, and how he had wished and wished that abominable would someday run for Prez and allllllllll his little wishes would come true, and then he did and he's so happy. But I didn't read (and I ain't gonna link it, 'cause I ain't into embarrassing folks)...I didn't read anywhere that he said that beginning in '04, after said speech, that the flowery rhetoric made him look deeper into the qualities of the speaker. He did not say that "upon closer scrutiny, I saw all the mighty deeds this man has accomplished." Of course not. Why is that? That's because flowery rhetoric qualifies as substance for some dingbats. How can you publicly praise the packaging without having given the slightest scrutiny to the contents? I don't get that. And then compound the mistake of even tolerating this guy as a voice of your party at your convention by running him out there in '08 as your presidential candidate?
You wanted power, democrats. And now you've got it. I hope that you don't succeed in making bigger government, and more dependents (though I know you'll try). I hope you don't try to criminalize my nephew's new shotgun, or even set yourselves up as any kind of authority over his ownership of it. I hope you quit enslaving minorities to welfare and entitlements. I hope you quit the deification of a man who has still accomplished exactly zero. And mostly, I hope people get over getting their way, rub the sleep-boogers out of their eyes, and start paying attention.
In a world where folks are actually looking, listening, and thinking with a critical eye, I don't see how you can keep pulling this charade. But, if continuing to weaken America or turn it into a Socialist state is your goal, then like Mr. Limbaugh, I hope you fail miserably.
p.s. The nephew did get, and is now the proud owner of, a new shotgun. And, there are days afield in his future. Also, yesterday I got to go along on a trail ride (about 8-9 miles) on Nockohoma! I neglected to take my camera, but photos will be forthcoming, someday. And I was contacted (finally) for the first new actual work projects for 2009 (whew!). What a weekend.
p.p.s. I really appreciate comments. The words don't have to agree with mine, and I suspect topics like this one might be rather inflammatory, but I encourage your input/feedback, nonetheless (it's good to hear something other than the crickets). The thoughts above have been looming in my mind, especially since the most-disappointing recent election, and I just had to get them out...I won't say that I'm necessarily done with that topic, but at least I can pull my face out of the toilet bowl for a couple of days, and rinse the chunks outta my beard. Next up, we'll ridicule those pansyfied Dookies!

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