Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A real hero

I like reading about good people and heroic acts. For that reason, I am happy to repost the story of Ken Leonard.

I am a regular reader of Sister Toldjah's blog. You will have seen her listed in my blogroll. Another blogger, whose name I'd seen on her comments (and blogroll) is that of NC Cop. From the little I'd read of his blog, I knew I liked the guy. And he is now being listed on my blogroll, as well.

In short, Ken's story is one of profound sacrifice. He was a policeman in High Point, NC. He went to Iraq to help train the Iraqi police forces. He got his feet blown off by an IED. He came home, got fitted with prosthetic lower legs, and has re-qualified for the High Point police squad, where he serves today. For the entire story, go hear the Sister...

Ken has been nominated as an America's Most Wanted first-responder All-Star. Go read up on a real hero from the Old North State, bookmark this site, and return to vote (as often as once each day). The winner (hopefully Ken) gets $10,000 and All-Star recognition at the NASCAR Sprint Cup allstar weekend. You can also vote via Nextel text-message.

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  1. Thanks so much Jeff, I really appreciate the kind words. The support I have gotten from so many people is absolutely overwhelming. I would not have been able to do any of it with out all the wonderful people backing me up.

    Thanks again!!

    P.S. Love the blog!!!