Friday, February 13, 2009

TheDailyShow: whodathunkit?

Just when I had gotten to the point of despair regarding the perfect storm of: liberal President + liberal Congress + liberal Senate + ultra-liberal media...

Jon Stewart came along this morning. Yep, I never would've guessed it. This made me downright giddy as a school-girl.

For those of you who prefer blind, sheep-like obsession to objective critical thought, do not watch this video. This is my first attempt at embedding a video...keep your fingers crossed that it works right...

Thanks again to Boortz. I almost didn't come by Nealz Nuze, today.

Holy crapomania, Batman!

The video embedment plan did not work. So here is a link to The Daily Show:

Please, if anybody wants to volunteer a how-to workshop on the ins and outs of blog video embedding, please, please comment.

1 comment:

  1. Classic! I posted this on my site after I watched it here. I'm no fan of Stewart, but that was pretty funny.

    As far as embedding video, go to the site and where you see "embed", right click on the code and choose "Select all", it should highlight the entire code. Then just paste it onto the body of your post and it should work. Good Luck!!!