Saturday, November 20, 2010

Boob's Out

Lots of time, as voters, we're faced with choices between the lesser of two evils.  Occasionally though, we get to decide between a really good person with character and genuine leadership skills, versus a particularly despicable one that embodies the worst traits of the ruling elite.  And for North Carolina citizens, winning such an election was almost undermined by one campaign's dirty magic tricks.

The popular vote tally was in favor of Renee Ellmers, and by a wide enough margin that a recount would not be automatic.  But that final score was before someone miraculously discovered 450+ ballots, all marked (even more miraculously) in favor of her opponent, Bob Etheridge.

Bullshit, Bob.  You owe me $25.

Yesterday afternoon, Etheridge called Ms. Ellmers to finally admit that he'd lost; that further challenging the will of the people was unwarranted.  Ladies & gentlemen of the Old North State, meet your new Congresswoman from the 2nd district, Renee Ellmers.

Ms. Ellmers, please don't forget that compromise is for politicians, and that losing a fight is much better than giving in.  We don't need you to go make friends, or bring home pork (we make plenty of the real stuff, anyway, you know).  We need you to go fix your predecessors' shit.

Congratulations, Ma'am.

A special thanks to SarahPAC's Momma Grizzly fund, gettin' it done!

One last note:  Let's all not forget the fact that this election was much closer than it ever had to be, mainly because the RNCC never spent a dime to help her campaign.

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