Saturday, November 6, 2010

Puttin' My Money Where My Mouth Is

It ain't over.

This coming week, I have to go get some SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radio-Therapy), also known as Gamma-Knife, on three pesky little tumors in my chest.  And I've told you folks that the worser cancer is that which infects and infests our civilization.  Wanna know how serious I am about that?

I just sent (an otherwise sorely needed here at the International House of Livermush) $25 to Renee Elmers' fund to monitor the validity of a recount (which should NOT be happening) called for by that vile chunk of rancid carrion Bob Etheridge.

Remember Boob Etheridge?

Renee Elmers's district does not include me, but her representative voice certainly does.  I've heard her speak, and she is good people.

If you've said to yourself that those folks up in Minnesota should have done more to ensure voting integrity in the case of Al Franken stealing his Senatorial election, and looking back wonder whether a measly 25 bucks might have made a difference, know this: Your money today or this week can be directly applied to fighting voter fraud by a good candidate against an awful one.  You're stuck with funnyman Franken; you gonna let that happen again?

Alerted by Bubba (Thanks, Bud).

Renee Elmers:

Donate now.

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