Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hangin In

"Still hangin' in there," as Colonel Bigfoot Thompson says, "like a hair on a biscuit."

Five rounds of SBRT gamma-knifin' radiation, and only slightly worse for the wear & tear.

I probably made it much worse on myself than it had to be.  One of the technicians who locked me into this contraption each day...

...clucked disapprovingly at my Tar Heel hat lying on the counter nearby on day 2, and expressed her love for the Blue Babies from Durham.  I then made the mistake of offending her (the one responsible for monitoring the dosage) by asking, "Do you think this current crop of Blue Devil footballers is a case of Don't Ask Don't Tell as applied to college athletics?"

GZZZZZDT - that's the sound the machine makes as it's zapping you.

I got her back on the last day, though.  I told her supervisor that if she touches my junk again, I'd have her arrested.

Seriously, thanks for the prayers and well-wishes.

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