Friday, November 12, 2010

Suck Less

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and I was driving down the road from the Land of Livermush to fetch yet another dose of poison at the "Bleed 'em with leeches" Baptist hospital, and I noticed that traffic was lighter than usual.  Odd, I thought, until reminded why by an elementary school sitting dark and unused.

I suppose I already knew that schools were closed for Veterans Day, but I have to admit that the proof just chapped my hide.

If I get elected king (and it ain't that bad an idea), but if I get elected king only Veterans and their immediate family members get to take Veterans Day off work.  If you're some sucking-the-community-tit gubmint employee like a public school teacher, and you "have to" take the day off because the school is closed, at least have the compunction to take the money you received for sitting on your duff all day and donate it (without fanfare, thankeeverymuch) to something far worthier.  Like VALOUR-IT (h/t to my friend Kate, whose Team Marine is kicking ass, btw).

Or take those funds and send them to the Warrior Legacy Foundation.

Not that you get to feel particularly good about'll just suck a little less.


  1. Maybe, when you become King that you can push election day to 11/11. This way, with the day off no one has an excuse for not voting & it will remind people, as they are voting, that there are some people in American history that actually died so they could vote.

  2. Well, that's an idea. But I'm not convinced MORE is actually better. I'm beginning to think that MORE-BETTER might be better. That is, I'd have every citizen (authenic citizen) without a military ID (and that would include yours truly) run a gauntlet of sorts to EARN the priveledge of voting.

    Said gauntlet would include some sort of physical challenge to weed out the weaklings, mixed with a civics exam to prove an understanding of our government and history, plus a test on current events to guage a person's integration within the world.

    My guess is you'd see voter fraud go to nil if every voter had to run Currahee, shoot a long rifle with precision, pass two exams, and provide proof of residence, all in under, say, 90 minutes.

  3. Summer, I forgot to thank you for participating. I was actually so impressed by your visitage, that I misspelled "authentic".

    You apparently have a hypnotizing effect. Don't be a stranger.