Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Got Your Fear Mongering Right Here

I keep hearing about Obama's extended overseas travel and brief stopover back in America and subsequent additional overseas travel.  It's easy to surmise that his reason for vacating the country would be to avoid shouldering any responsibility or accountability for the destruction his policies have wrought, but it could be he's avoiding something far more sinister.

Could be, he's keeping his distance from Brutus and Cassius.

Think about it.  There was a time when every America-loving patriot, maybe not wished for but certainly wouldn't have cried over, Barack Hussein Obama's untimely demise.  Such is most definitely no longer the case.  No single person can claim more responsibility for waking up the general populace than the O!Bummer.  Talk about being the great unifier!

May I digress?  Sure.

Back when I was in the Titty Bar business, everyone in the club knew the importance of proper lighting.  Keep it dark, or even better, keep the lights changing from flashy to dim, dim to flashy, strobing, pulsating, but ever-changing and never steady.  The purpose is obvious; never let the guys with the money see those entertainers (apologies to the many fine-looking ladies I've known, you're exempt from this discussion)...especially those known as "day-girls", and get a really good look at the object of their desire.  With very limited exception, the money dries up damn fast, when certain features are presented in the steady light of day.

Such is the case with this administration.  He isn't even pretty, anymore, to his own would-be devotees.  And for those of us on the Right, and truly anyone with their eyes open, he is easily identifiable as that which is evil, corrupt, political, unAmerican, anti-business, statist, unaccountable...I could go on and on...but the point is that we've never had a better poster-child for "wrong" than him.  There has never been a better catalyst for waking up average America than to have such blatant personification of skullduggery.  Simply put, Obama as a target of ire (less than an actual target) for Republicans is a good thing, and we''re likely to enjoy the fruits of keeping him alive.  At least as a target for impeachment proceedings, I might add.

On the other hand, and this is getting to my greater point (a long-winded process, I'm sorry to say) that his scarcity on the scene might ought to be attributable to very real concerns for his from his so-called friends.

If you agree with me that he's doing much good to galvanize the Right, and those folks on the Left (who are not total idiots, by the way) can see the same thing happening, what better time to shake things up?  If you're him, and you know how devious and despicable his comrades can be, would you be turning your back on any of them?  How easily would you sleep if you suspected that your own Brutus's needed to pin some scandalous dirt on their political rivals to maintain power?

Putting it another way, if Nancy knows she's currently #3 (until unseated as speaker by the swearing-in ceremonies) how passionately might she cling to that title if she considered a senate-floor stabbing could be afoot?

If the Dems could assassinate Obama and pin it on the Republicans (enter complicit left-wing media?), how would fortune smile on their power?  Would Soros authorize the sacrifice of his puppet if it meant the end-game would be at hand?  As Bricktop says in the movie Snatch, "You're really not much good to me alive now, are you Turkish?"

Fantastic, I know.  But, if I can imagine it, why then not they?  Does the Teleprompter-In-Chief imagine that possibility, too?

Does Princess Nancy?

Another question: Where's Joe Biden been?  Does he have a food-taster?  Is he deep in a concrete bunker somewhere?

Shouldn't he be?

Dear Obama: Continued good health to you, dickhead.  Watch your back.  Don't go changin'...

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