Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Bailout

If you're one of my elected representatives, when California comes seeking assistance from the federal gubmint, just say no.  The voters there have chosen to embrace liberalism instead of responsibility, and should be required to shoulder all of the burdens pertaining to their awful choices.

As Dennis Prager points out in today's,

We watch as one of the greatest places in the world -- with its extraordinary natural beauty, almost uniquely beautiful weather and agricultural abundance -- wastes all of this as a result of having become a left-wing experiment. What is particularly saddening is to see a state whose success was achieved because it was a Mecca for the adventurous in spirit do everything possible to crush that spirit and drive away those who have it.

There is a silver lining here: clarity. Americans living elsewhere need not elect liberal Democrats to know what will happen if they do. They only need to look at California if they want to see what happens to a state governed by the left (and, for that matter, they can look at Texas to see what happens to a state's finances when governed by the right).

The left and its teachers unions have ruined public education in California. The left and its public service unions have saddled the state with $500 billion in unfunded pension liability. California's left-governed cities have set themselves up as "sanctuary cities" for those who have come into America illegally. And the left passes more and more rules governing the behavior of California citizens. Two examples: San Francisco just banned McDonald Happy Meals because they come with a toy and therefore entice children to eat fattening food; and the Democratic legislature has made it illegal for a California employer -- even in a retail operation -- to ask a male employee who comes to work wearing a dress to wear men's clothing while at work.
And the left and its voters have cursed (and continue to do so) the rest of the country with the likes of Pelosi, Boxer, and other career shop-a-holics and big-government fiends.

No bailouts, no pork, no "stimuli", no earmarks, no lifeline.  Sink or swim, assholes.

I ask this rhetorical question of my fellow citizens...If you were asked to support a special tax to prop up the Golden State's "left-wing experiment", how violent would your reaction be?

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